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Scarabs needed -- QUALITY Scarabs, that is

Can anybody tell me where to find good quality scarabs. Good
little wire- wrappers that we are, we are always looking for ways
to integrate Egyptian history into our jewelry.

Most of the scarabs we have seen are cut from the poorest quality
of rough (and have been carved by the poorest quality carvers).
We’re looking for 12x16 - 30x22 mm scarabs.

Also, maybe someone has a “pattern” for the scarab carving. My
husband is a lapidary, cutting almost all of our cabs; heck, I’ve
got a dremel and some diamond tips, maybe we could carve, cut, and
polish them ourselves.

Any help would be appreciated here in Iowa where the April showers
continue to dump their buckets of showers!

Kristi Stutt
Wire Wrapping Etcetera