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Scanning jewellery

G’day; If you request "Overhead-projector transparency sheets"
from your shop you should receive sheets of MYLAR film which is
very thin, very flexible, completely transparent, and has a
harder surface than many of the other transparent materials.
Most teachers know about, and use it with the overhead projector.
It is sold specifically for that purpose and comes in one size -
I forget exactly what it is at the moment bit gig enough for
most purposes

. I now have to get some more, as I also use a piece over my
full-face helmet-shield with filtered air supply, which I wear
for wood-turning and anything which creates a dusty environment.
I simply tape it in place over the original shield. This
protects the softer transparent shield from scratches, lasts a
good while and costs very little.

If you do use glass on your scanner do carefully dust the
surfaces which would be in contact, for minute bits of abrasive
dust - which is always about - will cause scratches too. Very
useful stuff mylar film - I even use it for windows in dolls
houses, etc! Cheers,

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At sunny Nelson NZ (in late winter)