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Scanner vs. Photo

Listening to the discussions of photography of Jewelry and being one
who used both scanner and Amy O’Connell’s professional photo service
to fill my webpages…I must admit I’d prefer the Photos of Amy but as
in this case the jewelry needs to be done and in a store opening
within the week… I’ll use a scanner to grab the image to save for
the webpages and for my records of what I’ve done.But if I had two
weeks I’d send the stuff to Amy, which I’ll do in less critical
schedule. The scanner gives a fairly good shot of the pieces, I’m not
looking for detailed shots of my work. Makes the copycats work a
little harder and after all I’m just showing the idea of the season.
If someone is interested in a piece they can have more detailed
scans.I’m not bothering with people who can’t be bothered to load the
pictures.Yes ,it takes time ,but then, this is a serious :slight_smile: purchase!
my web page >. brand new pages full
of great jewelry!