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Scanner and Digital Camera


I have used a Nikon Coolpix 990 for a little over two years and am
very happy with it. I bought it specifically for taking pictures of
jewelry which it does very well, but it has led me into many other
photographic areas as well. I have several friends that have the next
camera in this evolutionary line which is the Coolpix 995. It also is
a great camera. I haven’t tried the new 4500 but some reviews are
good. Check which I find to be a useful site for
reviews and about digital photography. He calls it the
best in its class for macro photography. We will be ordering the
4500 soon for the digital arts studio where I teach and I’ll report
back. It’s current lowest price is $485. 995’s can be bought on the
web for a little less. There are many other good cameras on the
market and as you read this they are getting better and cheaper at an
amazing rate.

As a jewelry artist and a business person, the 990 and digital
photography in general are having a strong positive impact on my life
and work. My wife and I sell our work at juried art shows on the west
coast and in the southwest. We now do all of our jury slides from
digital files for $5 a piece and they are of high quality. Marketing
our work by sending pictures of new jewels to our clients as email
attachments is becoming a larger portion of our sales, approaching 15
percent. I believe it will become a much larger proportion in the
next 5 years as I build the email database of our customers. The
digital camera makes it very easy to document all of our work and
create record books of the evolution of our jewelry in the studio.
Working with the images as digital files in the computer, it is very
easy to remove unwanted reflections & shadows and do color correction
etc. Using fairly inexpensive inkjet printers, useful marketing
materials can be created utilizing digital jewelry images. With a
little learning and practice all of these processes can become
efficient and easy. Photoshop 7 is the current ultimate image
processing software but earlier versions are great too. The trimmed
down version called Photoshop Elements which is now up to version 2
is an excellent lower cost image editing package that can sometimes
be had for as low as $50.

Besides all this, digital cameras are just plain fun toy/tools to
have and use.

Good luck
Jima Abbott