Sawing steel

Your site is gratefully appreciated. Thank you. I’ve used it
in the classroom several times, it is a great teaching aid. I am
about to deal with tool steel sheet for the first time (having
avoided it for 22 years). If I can saw out a pattern with a
steel saw blade, why can’t I cut the tool steel sheet into
sections with the steel blade on the bench shear?

Please help.
Thank you,

The deal with tool steel sheet is it can work harden as you are
cutting it… especially in a shearing application. The stuff can
get hardend to a point harder than the blade in your bench
shear… and damage it… also the forces needed to shear some
tool steels are beyond what the pins and frame members of your
shear are designed to carry… Best of luck! Bob

Hello Helene,

You can use a bench or foot shear to cut tool steel but...  It

will dull the blade very very rapidly. It will also take alot
more force to cut a given thickness of tool steel than anything
else you may have tried to cut. If your shear blades are not very
sharp and in good condition it may not cut it at all and in the
process dull the blade to the point of being usless for anything
else. So for the above reasons it is best not to try cutting
tool steel with a shear.


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