Sawing CDs

I read a tip here about practicing sawing techniques using an old
compact disc, and in the process of learning, we got the idea to
actually make something for our efforts. The practice turned into
Christmas ornaments. Recently, our newspaper asked local artists to
donate an original ornament to auction for the Empty Stocking Fund,
so we submitted an AOL-lleluia CD Angel. The eBay bid is now over
$100… go figure! So thanks for planting the seed, and for the
teachers out there, know that a CD and a 6/0 blade is a pretty good
way to hone sawing skills! Go see the angel at

Happy hols,

Dani Greer
Ghiberti Art Glass & Metal

    so we submitted an AOL-lleluia CD Angel 

Hey, great ornaments. (And the web page was really well done so that
it was easy to see all the ornaments and then get the details on
specific ones.)

What I want to know is, how did you etch the disc?

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts