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Sawing and piercing templates

could someone please help with designs for sawing and piercing
besides the dover books. whats the best bang for the buck.

It is highly desirable to draw your own designs. Or, you could trace
various parts of a design or image, rework them, and add them
together to make a whole new design. When I need a specific animal
or plant, I google something like “polar bear picture” and see what
turns up. Then I know what they look like from different angles, and
I can draw one the way I want it to look. The use of tracing paper
and a reducing copier is quite helpful. Trace your own design to
rework it, and then copy it down to a workable jewelry size. HTH.
Plus, this method mostly requires time, not money!


Hi Shawn -

I like “Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico” by Jorge Enciso (cheap used
copies available online). It used to provide me with inspiration for
carved pottery (in my “previous life” in clay!), and now offers lots of
starting points for pierced designs.