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Saw issue solved! (for me at least)

I received one of the Knew Concept saws for Christmas LAST year, and
for an entire year have suffered with broken saw blades. I would
literally break a dozen blades per project, so I’d put it down and
go back to my old trusty. I know I’m a slow learner :slight_smile: but I finally
figured out what I was doing wrong–I had my tension too tight! My
old saw could only be as tight as I could mechanically deform the
frame, but with this baby I could really get a high pitched
"ping"–I really tightened it up just because I could. Having it too
tight meant there was very little fudge factor–if I deviated just a
bit, or let the blade get the least bit bound, SNAP! Since this
epiphany, my blade is just a tad looser and I’ve gone through 5
projects, with the same 4/0 blade intact! I’m now in love with my
saw, and just thought I’d pass that along. May not be the answer to
everyone’s issues, but sure solved mine!