Saw blade tension check

I was turning over a few ideas for adjusting the tension in my
jeweler’s saw when it suddenly came to me that I have a perfectly
serviceable guitar tuner. I set the blade to an “A"or"A#”. Any higher
than that will snap it. (It’s a 10/0 blade in a Knew Concepts saw.
Thanks Lee!)

Does anyone else “tune” their saw blades this way?


I didn’t know it was a or a#, but I have wondered which it was! I
also have Knew Concepts and tune it to a certain “correct” pitch,
tho. Gonna dig out my pitch pipe from my guitar case now! ;))!)

Hello Loren

I checked my saw blade and it sings High C. Maybe my piano needs
tuning?? Judy in Kansas, who will soon be thinning and potting up for
the plant sale.

I just hold it close to my ear while I pluck the saw blade. If it
sounds flat I tighten it more. My guitar-playing son gets a big kick
out of it!

You bring up an idea that I have thought of before, but never
mentioned: Remember the Flatt & Scruggs style of playing when they
would slide up and down the scale by changing the tuning peg? Well,
with the Lever adjustment, you have the same capability. At the next
SNAG conference (and or Orchid get together) the musicians of the
crowd could get together, and if they had amps, could do a song.
Just to make it interesting, I would donate a 3" fret saw. It should
be a fun event! Lee (the saw guy)