Saving scratched garnet brios

I have some almandine garnet brios which have scratches and chips on
them. I’m hoping some of the scratched ones can be saved.
Recommendations please, for somewhere I can send them to be treated,
preferably (but not exclusively) in the UK.

Thanks in anticipation,

Morna, Unless the garnets are really large or really fine, it will
cost as much or more to have them “saved” as getting replacements.

If you have it in your budget though, you might consider getting a
Diamond Genie 4" (sorry - we’re still measuring by the King’s foot).
For about US$500.00 you can have your own diamond lapidary. Any
descent metalsmith can do most simple lapidary work for themselves.
Polishing most gems is just like polishing preious metals. Hannelore
has had the same one for 20 years. She has only replaced diamond
wheels once (I think).


Hi Ray,

Thanks for your response.

I’m not a metalsmith, and don’t know anything about polishing.

The garnets are of fine quality.

Would you like them, if noone else can recommend anywhere to have
them treated? I don’t want to see them wasted.