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Save your pill bottles

Pill bottles are great way to organize. I strap them to supports
with cable ties (don’t ya just love them cable ties?) around the shop
and stock them with magic markers, pencils, rulers, picks, etc. I
have them by my drill press, band saw, where I clean silver, etc.
You’ll never be looking for that elusive pen or pencil again!

Jeff Herman

And I use them to ship my master wax models all over the world. They
comein many sizes. Margie

I have for years kept my jump rings in pill bottles - white-out the
top, write gauge and ID w/ Sharpie (color coded to type of metal).
Found a spice rack at Goodwill, bolted to wall, holds bottles
horizontal so lids visible. When low, bottle stored backwards, when
I get so many of them like that I cut a bunch of rings.

Bottle is super portable, shatter proof for trips or Dr. appts.,
grab 2 pliers and a bottle of rings, and I’m entertained for hours
making chainmaille.

Also liked the Ganoksin tip about tall skinny ice cube trays for
organizing needle files - very cool.


Sam Kaffine