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Saul Bell Design Awards

Hi All

The deadline for the is fast approaching.
The deadline is October 3rd Before accepting a position on Rio
Grande’s tech team I had fun entering various completions and won a

But nothing changed my career more than getting a Saul Bell Award.

Get this!! Last year for the first time the dates of the awards
reception coincided with Santa Fe Symposium here in Albuquerque.

So now winners and finalists get to watch some of the industry
captains and innovators present technical papers.

When time allowed many of the winners took tours of Rio Grande’s
vast facility.

This completion has quickly grown to be one of the top jewelry
design completions. Now it has become an opportunity to learn and
meet some of the brilliant minds in our industry.

So the very best to all who apply.


Sessin Durgham
Rio Grande Technical support

It is so rare these days that you get a peek behind that proverbial
curtain, and things are even better than you thought…

You see I always thought that Rio Grande was a great company. and
then I received a Saul Bell Design Award this year, got to attend
Santa Fe Symposium, got to tour Rio’s facility and got to experience
the gracious hospitality of everyone I met who works there. and I
learned how truly first class they are.

So- I encourage everyone to enter the competition. You are in for an
awesome experience.

Wishing you the best-
Annie Koenig

Hi All,

I just wanted to encourage you all to enter the Saul Bell Design
Award competition this year. The deadline for entries is October 3!
Ryan Roberts, whowon the award in 2013 and was a judge last year,
had some great things to say about the competition and I wanted to
share his thoughts:

“I have been fortunate enough to win many of the jewelry industry’s
top design awards, and I can say that the Saul Bell Award is the
most important tome. No other competition covers so many aspects of
what it takes to make agreat piece of jewelry. Winning a Saul Bell
truly means that you’ve accomplished something special. You’ve had
your work scrutinized by the industry’s top designers, jewelers, and
jewelry media professionals. I feel it is the most important design
competition in the business.”

AND Rio throws a great party every May for all the winners and
finalists! Here’s the site where you can enter (all you need is a
photo or drawing of your piece for the first round): Hope you all enter!

Mark Nelson
Rio Grande Jewelry Supply