Saturday project: making a wire rounder tool

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saturday project: making a wire rounder tool.

the wire rounding tool is a simple and useful toolmaking project.
warning; tool making and design are highly addictive and can rapidly
shift focus from other projects. but custom tools are worth every

#1 always be safe. protect your eyes, lungs, and skin…


*steel drill rod of chosen diameter and length. preferably annealed.
(or just use a cut nail of suitable diameter) choose rod hardness to
suit materials being worked. purchased annealed drill rod should be
around 44RC. no heat treat necessary for soft wire.

*corresponding drill bit for handle rod channel.

*chosen drill bit(s) for fabrication of concave rounding face on rod

*carbide lapping grit (90x), diamond, or similar chosen grit dust.
in a pinch, grit can be harvested from decent sandpaper.

*handle material, make it your own.

*epoxy ('bout any two part will do, but I prefer Devcon 2 Ton for
general shop use. )

{supply houses: Texas Knifemaker’s Supply

*shape and dress handle material to compliment your hand and eye.

*drill channel in handle to accept rod: tight, deep, reversible
friction fit.

*vice up rod, center punch, and create chosen shape on ends of rod.
(concave for wire rounder face, but could be convex pointed, flat or
designed to yourneed.)

*mix epoxy and blend in your chosen grit. (epoxy tips: wear surgical
gloves to love your hands. use the concave surface of an upside down
chilled can of your favorite beverage for mixing epoxy. the
lingering chill will greatly extend epoxy work time, plus it’s
deliciously disposable. rough up surfaces to be joined to help epoxy

*consider the final shape of the working point you want and throw
the mold of mixed epoxy grit. find your way; you could use thin
plastic wrap and a rounded pin or rod to press mold a well shaped
concave surface into the half-set epoxy mix applied to your tool end.
when dry, plastic will quickly wear away with use, leaving a durable
grit face.

*epoxy rod into handle for permanence if desired.

notes: depending on use, the polymer epoxy may abrade somewhat over
time. reface cutting surface if needed.

that’s all I have to say about this saturday. except that I really
wish my wire would get here…

modify and share! Jim