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HELP…searching for 2 sapphires, medium blue, don’t need to be
museum quality but must be clear. 1 3mm trilliant (rounded edges
not the kind that are strictly triangular) and 1 5mm trilliant,
same as above. Need prices and how soon they can be sent. Thank
you, Margot

do all sapphires come with the extra facets cut in? i got some sent
to me. I aked for diamond cut, or brilliant cut round sapphires,
the extra facets are annoying, as far as i am concerned, below
the girdle the stone was not diamond cut. Is it possible to get
deep dark blues without those extra facets, or are we talking $900
a carat. Im looking for sapphires deep and dark blues in the .8
carat range that are diamond cut both above and below the girdle.

If I understand what you’re sayin, it sounds like you are getting
combination cut sapphires…that is brilliant cut on the table but
step cut on the pavillion. The vast majority of sapphires are cut
that way, particularly if cut overseas. If you have stones of the
color and clarity you like but which are combination cut, you can
always have them recut by a cutter here in the states. You will
lose some weight though. Many of the stones coming from overseas
are so called “native cut” they will have a step cut pavillion
which is quite deep and rounded. Since the cutter is paid by
weight he saves all he can. Turns out he gets less for the stone
than if he had cut it well to begin with. Recutting will also make
the stone look better (and therefor sell easier and at a better
price) because the recutting will eliminate the usual window or
"fisheye" and lack of symmetry usually also found in native cut
stones. Hope this helps. J. in Kodiak