Santa Fe Jewelry attractions

Just thought I’d add my two cents worth regarding Santa Fe places, as
I visit a friend there every couple of years. A favorite, Patina has
already been mentioned. Another jewelry gallery in that area is Jett.
A very interesting place is Luna Felix Gallery. It is like walking
into an installation piece, something like what Aladdin fell into
when he rubbed the lamp. No surface is left untouched in the shop -
floor, ceiling, etc. The jewelry is high karat gold with lots of
granulation and big honker stones. More sublime, at the beginning of
Canyon Road is Karen Melfi jewelry (formerly Mariposa), and further
up Canyon is a fabulous fine craft gallery, Thirteen Moons. She
doesn’t carry jewelry, but has always fresh and innovative craft in
other media. It is a wonderful recent addition to Santa Fe. There are
so many places that are downright schlocky, that it’s a treat to
discover the ones that have really fine work.

Linda Gebert

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are going to pet sit in Santa Fe next week. I’ve
checked all out the great suggestions in the Orchid archives for
jewelry attractions. But, just in case you know about something
hidden away that might not have been mentioned, I’d love to hear
about it. We’ll also be in Gallup, Albuquerque & Flagstaff…

Galleries, tools, artists in their studios, stones, etc. - just
another jewelry junkie here.

Thanks for your input.
BTW - pet sitting is a great way to have a free vacation.

While you are in Gallup, please stop by at Thunderbird Supply and
say Hi. (1907 West Hwy 66) Downtown Gallup has lots of shops. The El
Rancho Hotel is famous for the guests who have stayed there - they
have a nice gift shop as well.

Enjoy your stay!
Bob J

There are many, many jewelry things in Northern NM - I’m going there
myself July 4. Sky City is not jewelry, but great to visit. Anyway -
three real highlights in Albuquerque are the Palms Trading Post,
which is on Lomas not far from Old Town - the best for pottery
especially - across the street is Gertrude Zachary, too. Not far
away is the Indian Cultural Center, which is a must-see for the
latest in all things Indian. Have a Tiwa Taco in the restaurant,
too. Last, on Central right across from the fairgrounds is Southwest
Minerals, which is stuffed to the rafters with uncut and cut stones
and about the biggest selection of fossils and specimens I’ve ever
seen in one place. Cool place.