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Santa Fe Galleries

Hello all- I am heading out to NM for a weekend in May and wondered
if we had any fellow 'orchidians ’ in Santa Fe. I have researched
the archives and found a few galleries that people recommended
seeing… any others would be appreciated. It will be a purely 'fun’
trip, and I hope to make it educational as well.

H Peters in AZ
HP Designs
Heavenbound Perspectives

H Peters- couple of my personal favorites are Karen Melfi
Collection 225 Canyon Road Running Ridge Gallery further up Canyon
Road have fun and make sure you eat at Pasquals on Don Gaspar! Gail

ornament and/or patina might be interesting, if you don’t already
have those on your list.

Wonderful gallery, Tresa Vorenberg Goldsmiths, on Canyon Road.

H Peters, There are numerous jewelry galleries to visit in the Santa
Fe Area. There are several on the Plaza which might be of interest
to you. One notable one is: Fairchild & Co. They carry lines from
many of the local artists in the area s well as their own line of
high end goods. It is a very nice store.( I used to design for
them). Another is: DeBella’s fine jewelry. A store more like a
museum. Exceptional!!

Mati carries the finest black opal inlay ever.  A must see!  One of

my favorite art galleries is the Dale Terbush(sp?) gallery. Great
stuff. Don’t miss the Miraculous stair case at Loretto Chappel and
the oldest church in america. There is so much to see and do have a
great time.

If you need other suggestions contact feel free to contact me. If
you get a chance, stop by Rio Grande while you are in the area. I
would be happy to meet you.

Have a great trip,
Phillip Scott

Be sure to check out Arius Tile in Santa Fe. I love that place!


It depends on your interests. There’s more than you can manage in a
weekend. Santa Fe is a major art market. There are free "guides"
published that are helpful and free. The “Collecters Guide” comes to
mind, available at most hotels and public venues.

Check out Fairchilds’s on West SanFrancisco and Nancy Brown on the
Old Santa Fe Trail. There are tons of jewelers…downtown and on Canyon

Has anyone been to “Eidos
contemporary jewelry, centrally located, downtown in Santa Fe, NM.
shows the work of Gordon & Deborah Alexander-Lawrie. Their work
combines elements of soulfulness and post- modernism into finely
constructed and expressive jewelry. Clean-cut design- led work in a
fresh cool modern space.”

Deborah and Gordon Alexander-Lawrie
228 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
Phone: 505 992 0020