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Santa Fe and Albuquerque jewelry attractions

Going to New Mexico this weekend. Taos, Santa Fe area. I know of Taos
Minerals… Any suggestions on Rock Shops not to be missed? Galleries?
I know of Patina in Santa Fe.

Misty in Denver

Go to Old Town in Abq or to the Plaza on Santa Fe to see several
galleries that have some great Indian jewelry.

The Mariposa Gallery in Old Town always has some beautiful jewelry
made by local artists.

Abq also had Thunderbird Supply and Rio Grande plus several
businesses that have beads and cabs.

Albuq is just south of Santa Fe. We now have a train. Southwestern
Minerals, Mama’s Minerals. For great natural turquoise is China

Indian jewelry Supply in San Mateo in ABQ is a great source for
metal and supplies.


In Taos, don’t miss the Millicent Rogers collection of jewelry (no.
of town: Beautiful Native American
pieces – an LOTS of them. (restaurants: Dragonfly Cafe; Doc

In Pojoaque (no. of Santa Fe), the Poeh Art Center & Museum: sculptor
Roxanne Swentzell got her start there and her work is usually on
display in the Tower Museum

Pojoaque supermarket across the street has the largest selection of
canned salsas I’ve ever seen.

Just south of there there is a really great exhibition of Native art
in the new Buffalo Thunder Hilton Resort & Casino. Just wander the
different lobbies. Stop in the Santa Fe Indian Market Gallery there,
which shows work from Indian Market exhibitors only, including
jewelry, pottery, basketry, etc.

In Santa Fe, if you’re going to be there a while, you’ll be in time
for “Native Treasures” over
Memorial Day Weekend at the new convention center.

Don’t miss Patina Gallery, as you
mentioned; Jett Gallery (no website) on Old Santa Fe Trail across the
street from the La Fonda Hotel; Blue Rain Gallery; Legends Gallery

In Albuquerque we’ve only stopped at Mama’s Rock Shop. I know you can
probably google more, but they are the only ones that seem to have a
website. Albuquerque has lots of galleries in/around Old Town Plaza.
It’s not the easiest city to navigate; things are very spread out.
And of course Rio Grande is there, south of town. Indian Jewelers
Supply has a store there, but have only been to the one in Gallup.
Haven’t found a must see jewelry gallery, but haven’t tried too hard,
because we’re usually driving through to/from Santa Fe and don’t want
to get stuck in traffic, which is becoming a problem.

Have fun…it’s my favorite trip in the west.

Kay Taylor

In Albuquerque we've only stopped at Mama's Rock Shop 

Forgot to write on this yesterday… I’m not up to date on Taos, and
only a bit on Santa Fe - there is much to see in both. I’d say to
make sure to hit Canyon Road in Santa Fe - it’s a bit off from the
plaza… And always Cafe Pasqual…

In Albuquerque - Southwest Minerals on Central by the fairgrounds is
a mineralogical candy store. On Lomas near Old Town is The Palms,
which has a bunch of things, but it’s especially good on pottery.
Right across the street is Gertrude Zachary, which is a contemporary
SW jewelry gallery- good stuff, there.

n San Mateo in Albuq. is Wright’s Indian Arts - and old time, old
school outfit that has some of the finest of the fine, old and new:

And we never miss lunch at the excellent restaurant, and a tour of
the galleries, at the Indian Cultural Center, not far from Old Town,

Lots more in the area, but I imagine all the tips will fill up the
days pretty easy. Bosque Del Apache, the VLA, Sky City,

Hi Misty,

If you want to e-mail me directly, I can give you my number. I live
here in Santa Fe, and would be happy to either give you a tour of
the better jewelry galleries, or send you a list of the ones I think
are noteworthy. :slight_smile:


Bien Mur on the north side of Albuquerque just off I-25 on the
Tramway exit has some eye popping Native American art and jewelry.
Beware of folks selling authentic Indian jewelry from blankets in
Albuquerque Old Town, Taos and Santa Fe Plazas. It is sometimes not
top quality, to be polite.


My father and I are represented in Santa Fe (my dad’s home town) by
Mark Bahti, Bahti Indian Arts, 119 E. Palace Ave. Mark also carries
fine Native American work. Bahti’s phone number is 505-983-4542 and
is located a block off the plaza on Palace towards the Shed

Sam Patania