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Sanding and finishing epoxy

I am wondering if you folks have any suggestions for sanding and
finishing epoxy resins after they are pored and cured. I am pouring
epoxy mixed with dry pigments into silver frames allowing it to
harden. I want to create a mat finish to get rid of the “plastic
look”. I tried using#600 wet/dry sandpaper over the entire surface
and this transferred silver dust to the epoxy. I had heard somewhere
that there are papers specifically made for plastics. Any suggestions
would be very much appreciated.

Bruce Raper

Bruce, I have a small amount of experience with what I think you are
describing. Did you do the sanding under water? That always works
for me using the #600 wet/dry. Another issue may be the epoxy you are
using. I was taught (by Susan Sloan) to use Devcon two-part, two-ton
epoxy. Its cure-time is longer than other epoxies, but I’ve found it
produces the hardest surface, which presumably would make it less
vulnerable to gumming up with other residue while sanding. I don’t
know anything about papers made specifically for plastics. Tracy

There are stacks of different epoxy resins available Bruce - you
need the hardest-curing marterial you can get hold of and you need to
make sure that it IS cured properly. How thick is the material you’re
trying to wet-sand? It sounds like the surface isn’t properly cured,
allowing the silver dust to be rubbed into it. Are you air or oven
curing it?

Al Heywood