Sand Caddy Tent weights

Hi all. Last fall I reported on my discovery of a new potential tent
weight solution, something called a Sand Caddy (
It’s a black plastic container, 6" square and 24" high, and is
intended to hold 40 lbs. of sand to keep in your trunk for winter
driving emercencies. But as soon as I saw them, I thought “tent
weight”! I promised to report back.

I just received a set of four, only $10 apiece, and the sand to fill
them will be another 10 bucks total. $50 for a set of weights is
pretty good! I fitted each with an eye bolt through the lid to
facilitate attaching them. While they are a little bulkier than most
weights, I can see several real advantages. The square profile makes
them stable and easy to stack, and they won’t roll around. Plus,
there is a handle molded into the side that should make these much
easier to move and carry. With my old PVC/Concrete weights, which
were a pain in the ass to make, I always had to worry about them
rolling or tipping, or falling and breaking the concrete inside(or
someone’s foot).

They won’t get their first real life trial for a couple of weeks,
and I’ll report again then. If all goes well, someone in the L.A.
area can have my old ones if you come and get em. Contact me off
list for that. But I see one less show-circuit headache!

Allan Mason