San jose, CA setting session!

I just found out that I am to be going to San Jose, CA to teach a
fine lady Graver Shaping, Grinding and Polishing. Along with this I
will be demonstrating and teaching “Watch Case” setting, using my
many modified gravers. I will be planning to introduce my
"Right-Sided" cutting blades just for this training session. This
will be a private ‘one-on-one’ session.

If anyone would like to get together one night and spin a few yarns
over dinner with this ruddy Canadian, I’d enjoy a meeting few local
Orchidians. I’ll be bringing lots of setting notes to all who wish

The two weeks later on August 11-13th I’m gonna be in St. Pete’s,
FLA doing a 4 hour seminar on Bead setting as well as Channel setting
with another web-trading forum. Then traipsing over to Leesburg, FLA
for another day at trainingLife is fun when things come together so
well, and fast!..:>)…Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!