San Diego Orchid Impromptu Get Together 02/04/04

San Diego Area Orchidians,

This has been on very short notice, and a bit haphazard, but, hey we
are Southern Californians, so what else is new. We may even have a
bit of rain on our parade, so what, we do not melt.

It looks as if we have a semi set up meeting for tomorrow 02/04/04 I
like that date, it is cool. Traffic for almost anywhere in the
5/805/163/8, etc. on Friday is to be avoided. I plan on driving
south by noon, and hanging around at the Bazaar Del Mundo until the
show closes.

If anyone is still there aside from Lee. We can sit down in one of
the many restaurants there and relax and chat. Time to start an
active Orchid Group for San Diego County. there are so many things
we can accomplish together.

So Lee, please tell us just where your booth will be, and we will
start meeting one another there after 2:00 PM.

How does that sound to those who may be able to meet there.? Given a
good reason, I may be persuaded to go down again on Saturday. There
is so very much to do in San Diego. Balboa Park Museums, the
Waterfront, Zoo, I think there may be a health expo at the
convention center, not sure about that. Certainly is not a waste of

I have included all the persons I have found replying to Lee’s
original message.

I am certain I am leaving something or someone out, please follow up
for me where you may notice my having a senior moment.

Perhaps pass the word to those at Spanish Village. I know I have an
address within GIA, hope I locate it in time.

Hanuman and Ton, you may be sure I will have a Margarita raised in
your honor. Terrie

RSVP Please directly to me, or better yet, “reply all.”

Hi All, Report from San Diego’s Bazaar Del Mundo show. There were
seven of our Orchid members that showed up for a get together to
meet one and another. Lots of hugs to go around. That’s one
advantage of being an old man. We talked about lots of things
including anti-fire scale vacuum casting and turning of wax and all
sorts of other techniques. Every one expressed joy in having the
ability to create pieces of art. Even talked about kids and
grandkids. I want to thank all of you who showed up. Your helped
make the show a great success. If any of you are out there are doing
a show you might put the dates on line. You might be surprised how
many friendly Orchid member show up to meet you. Thanks all,
Lee Epperson