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San Diego Orchid dinner

For all San Diego Orchid members: To give a bit of a heads up, I say
we should schedule a get together for mid May. This way we can plan
a date in advance. How’s Saturday, May 15th? I know many people
have their days pretty booked with appointments, deadlines, studio
time, etc and things should probably be winding down around then.
Let us know what you think.


Vanessa, I agree a date in the near future is best. I will make the
effort to visit Bazaar Del Mundo and Lee this weekend also. Heck,
two is better than one anyway.

Perhaps we can work out something with GIA, and all start out there
and then have a social gathering in a local Carlsbad eatery.

Let us hear from more San Diegoan Orchid members,


Vanessa, First time getting in touch with you. I live in PB and
have contacted Lisa and Terrie (Oceanside). May is kind of far away
to make a firm date for me. I would rather a date be picked
closer… but it may work out ok for me… I have a lot of meetings
that happen on Saturdays. Anyway, I guess Terrie and Lisa and I will
go to Bazaar del Mundo and meet Lee this weekend.
Louise- enamelist/metalsmith in Pacific Beach

Venessa ,It sounds great I moved to San Diego a year ago and I’m
dying to meet with my fellow jewelers in here, I will keep my eyes
open on the timing and place for this wonderful event. hope we hear
more from other members soon. good luck and thanks for coming up with
such a great idea. Dikran. La Jolla

Yes, I’m planning on being at Lee’s booth around 3:00 to meet Louise
for a bit…and looking forward to meeting you and anyone
else…seems like we might then start to put our heads together
and plan a larger meeting. Looking forward to it! I’ll be the short
one with the brightly colored glasses on the end of my nose.

I’ve been waiting to respond because I thought I’d be out of town.
I’d be interested in meeting everyone on May 15, if that is still the
plan. Thank you for organizing a gathering.