Sample artists contract needed

Would there be someone on the list who could post a sample
gallery contract? I’m at the point where I need to place some
jewelry and metal art so need to make up a contract for the
display and sale of the stuff. Geo.

I agree, there is a definite need for the plebes out there ( I
count myself among them) to have a contract for the placement of
work on consignment. Input would be appreciated! Susan

Good Luck Susan, All the fanciest contracts will do little if you
are dealing with dishonest business partners, and in fact you
must consider them partners. The two of you need to work
together in the sale of your creation to their client and each
of you will get about half of what it sells for. Talk to as many
peers about who they have faith in and then never trust your
partner with more than ypou can afford to loose. Be vigilant and
make sure that all your paperwork is clear and easy to
understand. Follow up sales and transactions, don’t let
differences lag and go unresolved. The longer it drags on the
greater the chance that it will develope into a terminal

Take Care,
Etienne Perret

Hey Susan: I conduct a marketing workshop, and use a brief
consignment contract. If you want a copy contact me offline with
your snailmail address, and I will be happy to send you one. I
think it is very important for all artists to be able to protect
their own interests. Helene

hi helene, i’ve spent several years as a computerized accounting
consultant, targeting my business toward artists when possible.
now i’m doing jewelry design and looking to promote/protect my
own business. you’re probably being bombarded by requests for
your consignment contract. here’s another …

mj bennett
243 santa margarita drive
san rafael, ca 94901

Hi Helene! Unfortunately, aol can’t always read MIME so I was
unable to read the contract you sent me via E . Would it be at
all possible to send it through the snail mail? Let me know and
I’ll give it to you off-line. Regards, Susan.