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Sales Reps

Hello all!

I just finished my first trade show and it was fantastic!!! The
response was amazing, and just tonnes of stuff happened to really
boost my ego, and hopefully my business. Things are finally
happening for me!

What I’m considering now is a sales rep. I have NO experience
when it comes to sales reps, so I’ll try to ask the right questions
now, but if any great wise person out there has more, please jump
in! Okay, when scrutinizing a possible rep, do I need to ask for
recommendations or references (from other artists they represent)?
Do sales reps sell outside of the city in which they reside?
What’s a normal payment situation (percentage wise, and are there
initial fees?)…just for info, most of my pieces range from
$55-$1000 wholesale, and are mostly in the $200-$600 range and are
all art pieces. Should I make sure that the sales rep never sells
anybody else’s jewellery?

Thanks all for you patience and help!

Tobey Robinson
Adoremus Creations in Metal
Burnaby, BC, Canada
ICQ: 2643006