Sales Rep Percentages

Dear Orchidians, . I have a limited production line and also do
one of a kind pieces. Several people would like to take my work
around to various galleries and venues in different parts of the
counrty . I am wondering what the percentages should be for these
people. I am looking to establish gallery relationships especially
with my one of a kind work where I would be able to send new work
throughout the year. How would that work with a rep.if they find
the gallery and then you as a artist continue the relationship with
the gallery. Thanks in advance for your help. Kim Kershaw

Kim, i pay 17% to my showroom for any order that i get or got
through the showroom(rep.), likewise for any future orders that are
made, as long as the rep. had an original hand in it, however they
normally charge 500 a month plus 15% to all the patrons there. I am
pretty small change and all my stuff is unfortunately hand made, one
of a kind type stuff, from different carvable materials(mostly wood,
lucite, but i want to carve semi precious) The percentage also holds
for any sales made, whether they are private sales, internet, craft
shows, and whether or not the showroom even knows about it,.at least
thats the way it reads in the contract, but on the high side there
is always a showroom in manhattan where my line can be seen by any
store, especially the large major dept. stores, neimans sachs,
nordstroms, barneys, etc, but have you tried ACC, Rosen
shows,, fashion accessories ny, david