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Safety info organization

Hi all,
I am now working on the safety book again. Part of the book will be pages
devoted to rapidly finding safety about a given procedure or
piece of equipment, for instance, ‘wax working’. The idea is that the
user should be able to rapidly go to a given page for a procedure or
equipment and easily find out the safety issues associated with that by
looking at the single page.

The heading ‘wax working’ would appear on the top right (or left) of the
page, the specific listed in a series of boxes on the rest of
the page. What would you want to see for section headings on this page?

I am open to suggstions. Here are some of the candidates for section
headings I have already:
Hazards: Chemical, physical, ergonomic, fire, other
Exposure routes
Safety precautions to use
Sustitution options to reduce risk
Mini-index of pages with related elsewhere in the book.

Any suggestions to add? Anything you would want to know about a piece of
equipment or a procedure? Thanks!! Charles

Charles Lewton-Brain/Brain Press
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Since I am currently in the process of setting up a new studio I am
particularly concerned with the physical layout of space to avoid back,
neck, arm, and wrist problems. I am also concerned with the hazards
associated with electroforming chemicals. Your headings sound very good.
I wish I had your book now as I set up my new space. Is it possible to
include the signs of overexposure to the chemicals we most often deal

Write On,
Deb Karash

> Is it possible to include the signs of overexposure to the chemicals > we most often deal with?

Since I worked several years without proper safety conditions this would
be reassuring (I hope) to have.

Nancy <@nbwidmer>
ICQ # 9472643
Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA