Safety book orchid contributors

Hi all, in the last throes of writing the safety book. I have
quoted from the following people on the orchid list, that is
messages that went out from which I have quoted and given credit.
If any of the people below have any objection to being quoted or
would like more please contact me off list at
@Charles_Lewton-Brain. They will, of course be listed in the
acknowlegements. best wishes


Joe Borkor 1/3/97
Ron Arney 01/04/98
John Burgess 11/12/97 and 9/6/97
Marcus Ellermeier 4/25/97, 4/5/97 and 6/14/97
Bill Raby 6/10/97
Wendy Newman 1/7/98
Andrew Berry 4/21/97
Gayle Morris 1/25/97
Surbhi D. Pandya 5/6/97
Stephen Bargsten 7/17/97
Marrin Fleet 8/13/97
Mark Parkinson 1/6/98
Dr. Dule 6/13/99
Dr. E. Aspler 8/27/98
Laura Hiserote 10/6/97
Cliff Green 1/10/98
Daniel Buchanan 1/10/98
Ron Watts 9/5/97
Jim Zimmerman 4/12/97
Mark Zirinsky 4/3/97
Kevin Eva 2/11/96


Rory HSC list 6/28/99
Mark Williams 1/13/97 Artmetal
Steve R. 4/10/97 Artmetal
Chris Ray 1/2/97
Jerry Frost 1/2/97
Eva Ananiewiez 12/28/97 GemNet
Valerie Weiham 1/8/97 and 1/10/97 Artmetal

Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada