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Safety and substitutes


Hi all,

I’ve got to put together a presentation (for '98-starting early) on safety
for the small jewelry workshop. (dust/particulate matter (silicosis etc),
chemicals/solvents, ventilation, fumes, etc)

Specifically I am looking for on subsititutes people are using
for formerly used more toxic/hazardous chemicals and procedures, and also
on how people use the substitutes, ie cadmium free solder may act
differently from cadmium solder, fluoride free fluxes may differ, water
based solvents etc.

Do you use any substitutes for safety reasons?

How do you use them best to ustilize their differing properties from the
material you displaced (ie asbestos replaced by claylike ‘paper clay’)?

I appreciate any help with this, any helpers will get mentioned and credit
will be given in the finished paper.



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