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Safe safes?

Hey all, I am beginning to look at safes for a small retail space. I
am also looking at insurance for the same space which I am sure will
dictate safe safe specs. Do any of you have suggestions on either
safes, or insurance policies/companies for studio/retail spaces?


When we opened our store we bought a Kaso safe. We found them to be
quite reasonably priced at the time and sufficient for our needs for
about 12 years. We have since had to upgrade significantly but we
found it to be a good starting safe. Try Jewelers Mutual in Neenah WI
for insurance.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

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Jim; check with your insurance agent, but I think the insurance
companies all require a TL30 safe for insurance purposes. The Tl 15 is
therefore a much less expensive safe and more available on the used
safe market. The TL designation is the time it takes to open the safge
using a cutting torch (what I was told). Without a torch it can take
hours to drill a TL15 or a TL30. Both are usable safes for security
but the TL 30 is the one the insurance company will want you to have.
Along with a monitered alarm and burglar bars, two tanks and a
machine gun and concrete bunker.etc. etc. etc. :wink: Frank Goss

It is a good idea to start with your insurance company, find out what
they require and go from there. Generally it is a TL 30 at a minimum.
That means it would theoretically take a professional burglar 30
minutes to break into your safe door with tools. A TRTL 30 means it
would take 30 minutes with a torch or tools. TRTL30x6 means it would
take 30 min. on all six sides with a torch or tool. These all have to
be UL rated. Anyway I found that once I selected the level safe I
wanted, it really paid to shop around. the local company that
everybody knows and recommends is not usually the cheapest. Once the
safe is delivered you really need very little service done to it, so
shop for a good price. Mark