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Safe materials for earwires

Hi Mary,

I plan to send her a pair of Argentium silver earrings I'll make
myself (so we'll know exactly what it's made of) and see how she
fairs with that. 

Please do let us know how your friend friend fares with the Argentium
Silver earrings. AND, allow me to remind you and others: Please make
sure to have heated and pickled the the AS wire before you give the
earrings to her. In other words, depletion gild the silver so that
there is no copper on the surface—this can be done in the same way
as for SS, by annealing and pickling, but generally can be
accomplished in 1 to 3 annealings, rather than 6 or more.
Additionally, the heating creates germanium oxide, on the surface,
which is preventive of tarnish and firescale. Heat hardening the AS
does “double-duty” by increasing the germanium oxide and tarnish
resistance while hardening the AS.

Cynthia Eid