Sad News - Dave Sebaste

Many of you long time members of Orchid may recall Dave Sebaste. I
recently learned that he died. When Dave was actively working in his
studio in the very early 2000s, we would get together as I visit
Charlotte NC, where he lived, quite often. Unfortunately the last
time I saw him was when we went to the Art of Gold exhibit at the
Mint Museum in 2003, though we kept in contact pretty regularly until
he closed down his studio.

If memory serves me correctly, he helped initiate the idea of us
jewelers sending in pictures of our benches and studios, which turned
into the Orchid Bench Exchange. If you go to the Bench Exchange link,
you’ll find his bench photo is on the first page.

Dave was an unusual mix of proud, former Marine and free spirit.
Though he didn’t participate with Orchid after he shut down his
studio, I think it appropriate to take some time to remember him for
his contributions.


I thank you for sharing Dave’s with us.

I am one of the “Old Timers” who often interacted with Dave right
here on Orchid. Probably some of those posts are sitting on my hard

It is always sad to lose a friend, we here on Orchid are friends,
and some, even more.

RIP Dave Sebaste,


Teresa Masters

Oh wow, what a loss. Thank you for letting us know Larry. Dave
shared great technical info with the group and the bench exchange
really helped connect us. Once again I am grateful for the archives.
I had missed reading his posts for some time and miss him even more

-Carrie Nunes

It was sad news when Dave left Orchid many years ago. It is very sad
newsto hear he is no longer with us. Rest in Peace my friend.


I am sorry to hear this. I remember many of his posts from the early
days. If I recall correctly, he left to go back to computer worke


I didn’t know Dave but am sad for your loss and grateful for his
contribution to Orchid as well as your telling us about him.

Lisa Van Herik