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Sabine Jewelry - Bench Exchange

So this is my working space, to call it a bench would be an exageration :slight_smile: I am working for 3 years now, managing to buy everthing beggining with only 100 dollars, 80 of wich were for an order from @RioGrande . I remember i got my first crucible then, you can see it in the picture, along with some silver sheet and wire, soldering paste(I use the same kind ever sice) and tweezers.

Here you can see part of my gemstone collection, containing a fair amount of rough stones, that are my favourites.

Also, some enamel in the round peanut box and saw lubricant and polishing paste in the hanging tin buckets. More enamel in the glass jar and silver wire from RioGrande.

In the right of my bench, I have a cabinet, also known as the packing station and place where the unused, but never thrown away findings, go to die :scream:.
Also, as you can see, I am sharing the space with my mum, who is a florist, so I always work surrounded by flowers :tulip: :rose: :sunflower:
Until one year ago, I also shared the space with an amazing bunny named Kioko, who unfortunately died one year ago, you could see a big picture of him on the cabinet, if it wasn’t for that box. I am sure I will get to share him with you in another topic.

The setup is still a work in progress, wishing for a proper bench, adapted to my needs, but I still try to find out what is working best for me and what needs to be changed, as I am working with only 1 1/2 of my hand capacity due to an accident that left me with a left hand palsy (mostly in my fingers).

Aaaaaaand…you can see that I am a messy worker and I cannot find inspiration on a clean table.

Also, I do not own a mill yet, so I do all my millng at a local jewelry store.
Would love to hear your input and advice :slight_smile:


Great start, I know how it feels not to have a proper bench too. I ended up making mine, and like it more than a traditional bench. I would suggest a flex shaft system,I recommend Fordom. The Proxxon rotary tool you have is a good one. But you may find the smaller hand piece is easier to use and less strain on your hands. and then a good micro torch system too. These things are costly for sure but will last for a long time.

That is a fine start. I think too many beginners go crazy on a tool binge and later rue some of their purchases. The flex shaft is a good suggestion. As you purchase tools, buy the best you can afford. You won’t regret it. Keep at it!!!

Great start, a good mess reflects a full and creative mind…clean up is meditation for the next project…
I too deal with hand issues, I have found Lifewave products helpful with palsy symptoms, I work with a lot of ALS affected folks. .
Keep at it, you have created a great space.