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RW Manufacturing


Hello all:

I am looking in casting houses that can also help me out with stone
setting and other needs I may have for large orders (when I can’t do
it all myself). I just checked out the website for RW Manufacturing
Company in Rochester NY. Does anyone here on Orchid have experience
working with them? I am just curious. There website seems very

thanks in advance
dede sullivan


Hi, I just started working with RW Manufacturing about 4 months ago
in sterling silver. I have been very happy with the results. Diane @
JD Findings


Dede, as the operator of a one person trade shop I would be
interested in possibly doing some contract stone setting, However I am
not setup to cast. I am in the Los Angeles area and could have casting
done ! to several thousand by some of the commercial houses here. Are
you interested? Also what type of stone setting are you thinking of ,
Prong, channel bezel etc?

Wayne M Schenk