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Rutilated quartz source

Hi all,

I’m looking for a large rutilated quartz (between 29x21mm and
30x25mm) to replace a lost pendant…here is the customer’s
description: “It was emerald/octagon cut (25x30mm), simply faceted,
polished, and rutilated quartz with an overall pale, slightly smoky
color.� The rutilation was also very crisscrossed, not going all in
one direction, was golden and generally fine (not
thick/heavy).��There was also quite a bit of rutilation to enjoy when
looking at the the piece closely, not skimpy with the rutilation at

If anyone out there has a stone to fit this description or knows
where I could find one, please email me directly at


Kristen, Greg Meister, GEM Enterprises was here a few days ago and I
bought some stones from him and wished I could have afforded more. He
had some really great rutilated quartz. His cell phone is
402-699-3625, said it was the best way to get him as he travels alot.
Tell him Patty in Springfield, MO (with the BIG lizard) sent you.