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Rutilated Quartz marble

Hello you marvelous Orchidians,

I’m looking for a rutilated quartz sphere/marble between 20 and 30 mm
in diameter. It’s a gift for a family member. I searched Tucson last
year without success. Maybe this is a very expensive object?

If you make spheres or know someone who does, please contact me off
line at <@judymw> (No need to tie up the forum.)

A most sincere thanks in advance,
Judy in Kansas

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
B.A.E. 147 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhatttan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936 FAX (785) 532-6944

Judy…I’ve seen rutilated quartz spheres of all different sizes
and prices at mineral shows. The little ones you’re looking for are
usually under ten dollars. Unfortunately, one never knows when
they’ll turn up at a show. If I get the name of a dealer, I’ll be
glad to forward it to you.


Judy, check out this website - they have rutilated quartz spheres of
all sizes.