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Rusty tools/bulk polishing

Hi Dave, I’m not sure if I can answer all your technological
questions, maybe David Huffman can. I can just tell you what we’ve
done. Here’s to your questions:

#1 Yes, I assume the bubbles are oxygen

#2 We didn’t put the clamps in the water either. We just put a big
copper wire across the bottom of the tub. In fact we laid a bunch
of chasing tools on top of the wire and did them at the same time.

#3 (What is this process called? Electrolysis? )hat’s happening on
a molecular level?) I don’t have a clue what’s going on here, I just
know it works :slight_smile: But don’t worry, we’ve left stuff in for over a
week and it never hurt anything but the rust.

Something we’ve been doing after we’ve removed the rust is brush off
anything that might have stayed on and then hit it on the buffing
wheel. Then to protect it from future rust we’ve been spraying them
with silicone. Everything looks like new.

God Bless