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Rusty files

Thanks for all your anti-rusting tips, I’ll give them a go,
especially the edible ones, (freeze dried coffee!? coca cola!) If I
oil up files won’t it clog them up? Do you think Skaylex safety
pickle (sodium bisulphate based) also causes rusting? I’ve banished
all the stronger acids from my workshop.

I will also belatedly introduce myself. I’m an ex-Brit living in Tel
Aviv, designing contemporary “Judaica”. These are ritual religious
objects such as “mezzuzot”, (a small container for a blessing that is
placed on the doorpost of every Jewish home), candlesticks, wine
goblets etc. Until recently these designs were very traditional and
not very design led, but now there is a wide range of contemporary
pieces. My designs are all based on a simplified rocket shape. If
there is anyone in the same field I’d like to hear from you. You can
see my work on

(scroll down to Laura Cowan in artists section and click on “Go”) -
the site is still under construction.