Russian Gemologists seeking help

Dear Sirs, as most of a Russian Gemologists I have some difficulties
to buy good Gem instruments, books etc.

From time to time we visit some Europe countries for shopping, but
almost every instrument shop sells GIA or other American equipment.

So, I am sure, that it would be as better as simpler to visit your
shop directly.

Exept all advantages, I think I’ll economize money.

So, I want to ask you send me on my telefax # + 007 (095) 912-0887 An
Invitation for visiting you. It’s necessary (in spite of I was in
the USA 2 times) for obtaining the visa in the USA Embassy.

Thank you in advance,

Khochinsky Tatiana Viktorovna,
Living: ul. Lechebnaja dom #5, kv.#31, Moscow, 105318 Russia