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Russian Diamond?

One of my students has been talking about a man-made Russian
diamond. Does anyone know anything about this. She paid $60 for
what looked like a 5-7mm rd to my very untutored style eye for


At $60 for 5-7mm round it seems too cheap to be synthetic
diamond…if it was facetable quality…

At $60 for 5-7mm round it seems too cheap to be synthetic
diamond...if it was facetable quality...

I really don�t know much about stones. I tend to be more
interested in metal and what it can do. All I can describe is a
round sparkly stone. I asked if it were some kind of CZ because
of the sparkle and was told several times no…it�s a synthetic
Russian diamond and it�s registered. There wasn�t time to
discover what sort of a register she was talking about. There is
always the round register that sits besides desks. I have never
heard of this stone and it�s interesting to me that apparently
others on this newsgroup haven�t either. Marilyn Smith

we just bought some lab grown russian amythyst this weekend
from martins’s minerals for cheap too! we had not seen this type
of stone before. karen at kar enterprises

Colored Russian diamond sythetics are readily available. Tom
Chatham has been trying toset up production in Russia on
colorless rough…and has imported some of the

first crystals… they are available but not at the price you ; I
think that that’s the price Tom would like to see

Marty Haske