Russia reveals: It's awash in diamonds

This is wrong. The electromagnetic force, which binds electrons to
the protons in a nucleus, is about 10^36 (10 with 36 zeros after
it) times stronger than gravity. The force of gravity is
insignificant compared to the forces that hold atoms together, and
gravity plays no part in determining the size of an atom's electron

No it is not wrong. Take a look at periodic table. The larger the
nucleus, the greater the electron cloud. In case of isotope there are
no more electrons available, so each electron is under greater
influence. The fact that electromagnetic force is much stronger is
not relevant. I am not trying to quantify degree of influence. I am
only saying that it is greater than before, however small the
greater is.

Leonid Surpin

You are correct Mr Surpin, my comparison was absurd to the extreme,
gold has no comparison to carbon at all, and my point was that
carbon-13 has no relation at all to a diamonds hardness, it is
rather extreme to allow for the hardness differences to be referenced
in such a way. My main point was to alert others that rather than
rely on this medium as the primary source for relating to
scientific data, of which this forum has no focus on science but
rather on the “art of gold”, that the readers of this forum would do
well to consult other sources of that are proctored and
mediated for scientific relevance and credibility.

It seems now that this discussion has migrated to a scientific
argument on the chemical physics of carbon-13 vs carbon-12. To that
end, our discussion is pointless as it has no basis in fact, the
Russian deposit exists, it is mostly Lonsdaleite and it is huge, far
larger than anyone else has ever reported. Hoorah for them. The rest
of it is mere conjecture, and it’s financial impact will likely be
debated by economists at the leading diamond bourses for sometime.

Sorry if I touched a raw nerve ending, perhaps it is tipped with
some organically covalent bonded carbon-13 atoms, and thus it is more
sensitive due to it’s intermolecular orbital radii being reduced.


Theory predicts that due to stronger  gravitational force,
electron orbits are tighter and the size of the cloud is smaller,
even if imperceptibly so. 

Wow, this is news to me!

Leonid, for someone who claims to be knowledgable on this subject

This is my last response. If you still do not get it, hit the
books. There is extensive literature on the subject. There is no
need for me to keep wasting my time, trying to remedy gaps in

…yet claims that electrons are held in “orbit” by gravity (too weak
by a factor of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000),
you should probably just admit you made a mistake and leave it at
that. By the way, they are not in “orbit” at all but described by
wave function probability clouds. Not the same at all.