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Rubellite or not?


my mother has a necklace that her father had made for her while He
was travelling through Africa. it features a reddish purple
tourmaline oval that is bigger in diameter than a quarter. The
setting is hand beaten gold. She was wondering if this was
considered a rubellite or not? And how much it would be to take it
to a gemologist to appraise it? Sue Watson


Call your local appraiser and ask what their prices are. For a
referral, you can call ISA or ASA (18002VALU, I think) Both have
websites. (Those are International Society of Appraisers and
American Society of Appraisers.)

They should be a GG and have had training with ISA or ASA and
ideally have taken the USPAP course recently.

Is it worth having appraised? That’s up to you. Is it worth
learning more about and documenting this irreplaceable family
heirloom? Could be as low as $50.00, depending on where you live.

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Certified PMC Instructor