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Rubber Mold Making

Dear Orchid Friends:

Greetings! My question is about rubber mold making. I have the use
of a new vulcanizer from Rio as well as two of their educational
tapes on the subject and numerous books in reference to casting, all
of which have small mentions to rubber mold making.

I have been trying to find a book whose subject is totally dedicated
to the art of rubber mold making. Can anyone please recommend some

Specifically I find the placement of release cuts quite challenging.

Thank you.

It’s a general text, but "Centrifugal or Lost Wax Jewelry Casting"
by Murray Bovin has by far the best mold cutting advice. It has a
photo section of a variety of examples. Those Rio “Mold-Making for
Jewelry” videos were very helpful to me, also, though I had to watch
them several times as I kept falling asleep.

Mold making is as much an art as it is a skill. Practice is the
thing that will help you most.

Cut away from yourself! Cut away from yourself! Or wear a leather
apron and get one of those chain-mail gloves. Seriously. I sliced
myself twice in the beginning. Once in the thumb, once in the thigh
(I still don’t know how I slipped THAT far). A scalpel cuts skin and
muscle really, really well.

Dana Carlson