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Rubber and silver bracelets

I have a line of handmade silver and rubber jewelry. I have recently
been asked to help out with a fundraising project to make a rubber
bracelet with a sterling clasp and a blue awareness charm attached
to it. Because of the initially low numbers of the bracelet needed,
and the low price point that the customer is aiming for, I
definately cannot actually “make” the bracelet and stay within the
price limitations. I would like to help out though, as it is a nice
fundraising effort.

But, I am out of touch with wholesale suppliers of finished jewelry,
so I don’t begin to know where i can go to get those black rubber
strap bracelets (the flat kind) with sterling clasps. I would want
to work with a company that allowed a fairly low minimum order (10
or less would be great, but 50ish would be okay). I think I see
them refered to as italian charm braclets-- Also, I need to source
blue awareness charms of some sort to go onto the bracelets, I am a
"real" jeweler, so the attachment technique and even if they are not
blue is okay, I can afford to do some assembly/production, just not
the whole thing–

Any help would be very gratefully appreciated!

Thank You!
Susan Waldes

Hi I just started working with hand hammering wire bracelets and
coating them with plastidip. do they want the rubber part of bracelet
pure rubber/plastic? Plastic dip if very pliable I could attempt to
cast some black bracelets and see if it works or not for you it would
be very cheap just take me making a mold and then pouring the pattern
would be one side only leaving the back of bracelet flat then the
sterling bracelet findings can be attached to the ends.

just let me know or try it yourself :slight_smile: lol

I would braid base metal wire then make a mold of it in clay then
cast into the clay for the braclets. if I made them long then they
could be trimmed to size and findings attached? Making any sense it’s
very early am here? mold release could be vaseline thin layer rubbed
in to mold and once cured boiling water will clean them up and once
dry platidip is non toxic and food grade.

Black Plasti dip is available in any hardware store like home depot
and is 6.98 a pint. so cost of time materials would be minimal I base
prices on cost of materials plus minutes to make it times an hourly
wage so like I said I could produce a dozen for maximum if it takes 1
pint for 12 bracelets $1 each if two pints then cost would be each $2
plus whatever the findings cost which you could supply or buy and
affix yourself.

Let me know either way I will probably start experimenting :slight_smile:

America’s Only cameo Artist


Try Quality Gold ( for the flat rubber bracelets.
I’ve definitely gotten them there in the past and they have a variety
of colors, widths to choose from. They also have the sliders to go
on them (I got my daughters a set last year).

For model-making/casting of the charms, you might want to look at
Loren casting. I’ve purchased similar charms from them for leather
"strap wraps" and have been satisfied with their price and quality.
They also have model-making capabilities.

Hope this helps!
Karen Goeller

P.S. - If the work comes down to assembling the charms onto the
bracelets, consider asking your local high school for students who
might be in Key Club (community service organization) or who are
looking for a graduation project. Many are looking for opportunities
to volunteer in something of a charity or community service nature,
which can be added to their college resume. You might be surprised!

Quality Gold

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Loren Casting

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