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Rub-over setting

Hello Julia Re: “rub-over” The wordings for “rub-over” I believe is
just another name for “gypsy setting” or “flush setting”. This when
the stone/diamond is recessed into a hole and the walls of the metal

have been “rubbed over”. In Canada, we call it “Gypsy-Set”, eh! But
the clincher is when the stone has been recessed lower than the
surrounding metal and the walls have been under-cut to facilitate
this maneuver, comprenez-vous? with the aid of a reciprocating hammer
or a soft metal pushing hand-tool, brass or copper! With metal, there
would be chance for damaging the stone, as in breaking the facets.
The end “clean-up” would be with the aid of a pumice wheel and the
marks of pressing would then be rubbed clean. Then the inside wall
would then be bright-cut to keep the spherical shape of the stone
that was just set. “Gerry, the cyber-setter !”

In New Zealand its also known as a bezel set or rub in … basically
when you have a wall of metal the same shape as the stone that is
bent or burnished over edge of stone to hold it in. When this is
done it is made alot easier if the stone fits in nice and snuggly
with the girdle or edge of stone about .3 to .5 of a mm below top of
metal , with the inside of setting notched slightly at the same
point as the girdle meets the metal so it will bend and follow shape
of stone at that point . hope i have been helpful . anymore
questions i will be happy to help.PHIL