RTV Preferences?

Hi All, I’m just beginning to make molds and thought a clear RTV would
be easiest to start with. Can anyone recommend a brand they like?
Even if you have a preference for an opaque brand, I’d love to hear.
I’ve read catalog descriptions, but since I have no experience, It’s
difficult to put it in context. Thanks for your help. -Dana Carlson

Hi dana I have been using rtv for many years and the best i have found
for most jewellery is dow corning silastic rtv"E".It is white and
opaque but tough and flexible and the molds last a long time.Except
for the price its far better than rubber. chris

Dow Corning Silastic RTV Letter L or E depends on if you want a
rigid mold or a more flexible one. Long shelf life. Inert material
when set. Lasts for 25 years(as of this year) or longer. low toxicity.
The E is softer(lower durometer) and the L is more rigid ( a higher
durometer) both have excellent tear strength and elasticity. Been
using them for 25 years and still my preference. They will however not
set if ANY organic oils are present on the model or in the mixing
bowl. I use mineral spirits as a solvent for clean up. Frank Goss

Hello Dana,

I live in Heidelberg (Germany).I followed a course in Idar-Oberstein
about moldcutting and several RTV’s.This guy made his own mixture and
now he does a real good business with it.The point is,I worked with
it and beleive it or not this thing cuts like butter,is very tear
resistant,totally clear,self lubricating and lasts forever.

Here is his address.
Saarstrasse 2
D 55743 Idar-Oberstein
Tel :0049-6781-46078
Fax :0049-6781-41862

Regards Pedro