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RTV molds and REDUC-IT (tm...)

I am wondering what brand RTV molds work for you, and if it is
necissary to use an RTV mold while using Reduc-it. Does Reduc-it
work well? segestions??? I am attempting to reduce the size of a
pendant, to make multiple sizes. Thank you all in advance.
Joel Retzlaff

Dear Joel,

This is Michael Knight at CASTALDO

I don’t know about Reduc-It, but I do know that we have a excellent
RTV rubber similar to Silastic but not thick as tar, not frightfully
expensive, not easily torn and lacking in strength, not hard to mix,
hard to de-bubblize and not hard to use. And not a silicone – a
newer technology.

It’s called our CASTALDO? LiquaCast 0% Shrinkage RTV Liquid Jewelry
Molding rubber. You can read more about it at our web site at:

You can make a mold of absolutely anything. I’ve made molds of
strawberries and chocolate cherry bon-bons.( you can see them on the
web site). And it’s perfect for making molds of wax carvings-- no risk
of losing your carving in a bad casting!

I’d be happy to send you or anyone else interested a small free
sample. Please let me have your shipping address – no P. O. boxes,