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RT Stamping System (JoyReside) wrote: “1) I really am considering
purchasing an RT stamping system and need to hear from ANYONE who
owns one or can guide me”

Joy, from what I have heard, the answer is…don’t buy one. They
are apparently hard to use, not effective. This is what I heard
from someone who had owned/used one…I was in a class with them at
Arrowmont, in Gatlinburg, TN, USA.

Also, the machine is expensive and has a single use. Instead, buy
a hydraulic press! Buy one from Bonny Doon, or one of the two
sources Charles lists in the back of “Cheap Trills.” Or make your
own. I am almost done assembling mine.

You can do stamping out of flat items with a hydraulic press, and
the movement of the raising and lowering of the pole which operates
the jack is easier on your body than the twisting motion of the RT.
Plus, the H. press can be used for forming, for creating textures
as you would in a rolling mill…it’s a simply wonderful, flexible
tool. And as Susan Kingsley pointed out in her class, it’s quiet,
safe, and environmental. For more on the press, I
would suggest you get her book, “Hydraulic Press Forming for
Metalsmiths,” and visit Bonny Doon’s website/call them. Her
book has instructions with accurate diagrams on how to make your
own. Good luck. -Elaine Luther