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Rricky Moonstone

Hey, last year I bought some “top grade” moonstone in Tucson at
the GLDA for $45/ct. . Nice material when I bought it. Now, one
year later, I’m looking at this stuff and wondering whether I was
blinded by the moon over Tucson’s spending mania or if the stones
were treated with oil or some other crap I’m not aware of, because
now I have these nice striations/fissures running thru my stones
which weren’t there when I bought them. Does anyone know any of
the following:

  1. Is it possible to tell whether a stone has been treated with
    oil or wax to conceal any cracks (which Feldspar is notorious
    for) ?

  2. What is the industry standard of recourse?

I’m sure the people I bought from will be back in Tucson this
year and I’m pretty sure they are aware of the stones they are
selling because it’s his brother in India who is supposedly doing
the cutting.

Thanks, Peter Slone