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Royalties for use of teaching materials

Hi All; Perhaps some of you who have made instructional videos and
books, etc., would be able to answer this. Suppose I am teaching
privately and getting paid for it. I might decide to have my
student(s) view an instructional video or base a lesson on a chapter
in a book. If so, is the accepted and ethical practice to pay
royalties? If so, to whom: the author or the publisher? This would
not be a case of re-printing materials, students would probably buy
their own copies of printed work but the videos would be viewed and
discussed in class. Would it be better to simply have every student
purchase their own copy of the video? I don’t want to add any more
costs for the students than is necessary.

David L. Huffman

David, I have produced a series of diamond setting video’s, books,
and audio cassette tape. All of the copyrighted items have a
disclaimer that they are intended for educational purposes under the
guidance of a qualified diamond setting instructor. In essence you
are most welcome to use my materials to aid in your instruction.
Robert R. Wooding