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1/2 to 1.5gm flawless Aquamarine,Morganite,or Goshenite 10gms for $10
1/2 to 2gm flawless White Topaz 10gms for $10
3-5gm near flawless White Spodumene 10gms for $10
1/2 to 1gm flawless Andalucite 5gms for $15
3 to 10gm flawless Straw Scapolite 10gms for $30
Cat’s eye&"moon"effect cabachon Aquamarine rough .50/gm
Cabachon Amethyst rough .50/gm
Pink/Red Tourmaline crystals(specimen only)1/2 to 3gm size 5 pieces for $5

add .40 padded mailer and .32 stamp.


Gemstone Rough Dealers since 1970 U.S.MAIL
E-Mail: @Mark_Liccini1 224 7th St.#2B Jersey City,N.J.07302
Voice Mail/Fax: 201-795-1115


Hi Mark,

If you ever run across any clean colorless white sapphire rough that
would cut a 3-4 ct trillion, please let me know by return email.

Thank you

         Jeffrey Everett

Handmade 18K, 22K, and platinum gemstone fine jewelry.
Diamond setting, rubber/metal molds, casting, lapidary
Die and mold engraving, plastic patterns for casting.
Cad jewelry design, cad/cam milling scroll filigree…
P O Box 2057 Fairfield IA 52556 515-469-6250


Please provide SIZE, and Shape in CM… For example… OVAL(6x6, 5x5,
7x5,etc), ROUND(6mm, 4mm, etc.)



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